“Thankyou for all your advice. We have put it all into action and I couldn’t believe how it has worked. I wanted to let you know how great the session was. Thanks again” – Jill
“Lovely to meet you today and thankyou so much for your time and support and for helping us to resume normal life today!” – Tina
“Just to say Thankyou for the wonderful dog training sessions we have attended for the last four months. What we have learned and achieved through your programme has been wonderful and given us confidence – you are a fantastic teacher, Thankyou” – Catherine ‘
“Ruby is doing fantastic with the crate training. I can’t believe the quick turn around, thankyou” – Tara

Very enjoyable & informative, left me hungry for more’
‘Angela was awesome’
‘Very enjoyable weekend, learned alot and made new friends’
Dog Trainer Instructor Course October 2019

‘I learned a lot more than expected’
‘Very clear delivery and involved all particpants fully’
Dog Trainer Instructor Course April 2019

‘Angela was excellent and I would highly recommend her and the course to anyone wanting to start a business’
‘Dog Behaviour & Training info has given me confidence & lots to think about in setting up my business’
‘Angela was very patient & took the time to explain subjects extremely well’
Dog Trainer Instructor Course April 2018

‘Very well structured course delivered professionally’
‘Brilliant tutor’
Dog Trainer Instructor Course July 2016