Group Courses

COVID-19 : Courses currently have the required Covid restrictions in place.  All courses have to adhere to limited numbers –  1 person per dog  which unfortunately means we are unable to accommodate family/children at this time.

Award winning Puppy Training specialist with over 20 years experience.  Structured, professionally managed courses with varied content and a supportive environment. Click ‘Book Now’ for course dates and availability.

St Johns, Church Road, Sidcup, Kent DA14 6BX (currently unavailable)

Boys & Girls Memorial Hall (Scout Hall & St Marys Rec) Lesley Close, Bexley, DA5 1LU
Thursday evening

The Scout Hall, New Eltham, 98 Sparrows Lane, New Eltham, London, SE9 2BT
Tuesday evening and Saturday morning 

– Positive, Reward based Training in small class sizes
– Check the Testimonial page to see 5* Google & Facebook Reviews
– Level 3 & 5 Teaching qualifications.Training for both you and your dog!
– Tiered Basic Training Programme focusing on useful pet dog training exercises
– Training (Level 3) possible for more advanced work after Basic Programme

Puppy Course
4 weeks £59 / 6 weeks £79

30 minutes 

Beginner – Dogs under 6 months.

A regular weekly session meeting some new puppy friends and practicing around their distraction! Suitable for all puppies offering a focused, accelerated training session (this course is not suitable for younger children to attend). Courses may be available for puppies under 16 weeks (or under 6 months) at the start of the course. Digital Puppy support material included.

Puppy Course Content:

  • Getting the most out of training
  • Treats & Rewards
  • Play-Biting
  • Jumping up
  • Housetraining
  • Attention seeking
  • Lead–walking
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Recall
  • Leave
  • Stay
  • Handling & grooming advice
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Basic Training Course
4 weeks £59 / 6 weeks £79

30 minutes 

Beginner – Dogs over 6 months 

Suitable for dogs over 6 months at the start of the course.  As with all courses, dogs must be friendly to others before attending. Limited class sizes.

A regular weekly session for older dogs new to training to introduce the basics and start working around distraction.

Basic Course Content:

  • Treats & Rewards
  • Jumping up
  • Attention seeking
  • Lead–walking
  • Sit, Down, Stand
  • Recall
  • Leave
  • Stay
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Private Puppy Course
3 sessions – £125

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE. Please see Private Training page for details of pay as you go sessions.

3 x 1 hour sessions. For puppies under 6 months at the start of the course.

Sometimes it is difficult for owners to attend a regular group course so you can book a private course consisting of 3 sessions. Example sessions:

Session 1:
At Home. Advice on puppy related issues such as jumping, biting, housetraining and other areas of puppy behaviour. Practical teaching Sit/Down/Stay/Leave

Session 2:
At Home. Review Sit/Down/Stay/Leave.
Practice Lead walking outside

Session 3:
In the Park. Working around dogs, Lead walking and Recall, Structuring the walk and how to keep walks successful.

Puppies should have already been out socialising with you for a few weeks before commencing any outdoor sessions.

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Level 1 Course
6 weeks – £79

After completion of a Puppy/Basic Course

30 minutes 

This course follows on from a puppy/basic course. It will review the training you have already practiced and introduce new areas to help make your dog more reliable and improve their focus, especially working around distraction.

Level 1 Course Content:

  • Greetings and walking past distractions
  • Control/Wait at Door
  • Recall, with Wait and Present
  • Leave item on floor
  • Stay 30 seconds
  • includes review from Beginner course
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Level 2 Course
6 weeks – £79

After completion of Level 1 Course

30 minutes 

This course progresses on from all the basics and application techniques learned in the Beginner and Level 1 courses. Once successfully completed, you can move on to more advanced Level 3 courses (when available) if you wish to work with more challenging exercises.

Level 2 Course Content:

  • Working more reliably around distractions
  • Recall with Wait, Present and Finish
  • Stay 2 minutes
  • Stay 30 seconds with distraction/out of sight
  • Working with food distractions
  • Leaving and giving up items
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Level 3 Courses
– £variable

After completion of Level 2 Course


These sessions are for those who would like to introduce new exercises now the basics are well established. Dogs attending will need to have good lead control and basics in place and be capable of settling around other dogs both on and off lead.  Includes Basic obedience and a focus on any of the following exercises.  You can register to join a course when places are available.

Level 3 Course Content:

  • Working ‘off-lead’
  • Retrieving
  • Scent work
  • Send away
  • Working around food distractions
  • Directional cues
  • Stay out of sight
  • Other technical exercises.
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Level 3 Dog Trainer               Instructor Course – Accredited

If you are looking to change career and work in Dog Training, this weekend is perfect for you.

Focusing on launching your business with puppy training, this course will provide all you need to get started!

There is a weekend training, followed by submission of 5 written assignments. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Level 3 Dog Trainer Instructor certificate.

The next course is scheduled to be held on 21/22 November 2020. It will be in Bexley, Kent.

Each course has a maximum of 6 students, allowing for a great atmosphere and plenty of time for individual support.

If you would like a brochure with full course details then get in touch and it will be emailed to you.

Course content:

  • Communication with Dogs, including a study of Body Language
  • Dog Breeds and Groups
  • Basic Dog First Aid
  • Dogs and the Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Teaching the Basics
  • Training Techniques
  • One to One Training
  • Planning Puppy Training Courses
  • Troubleshooting Training Courses
  • Case Studies inc, relationship & environmental issues
  • Practical Training Session (hands on experience)
  • Basic Dog Nutrition
  • Setting up your Business
  • Marketing & Managing your Business (incl. staffing)
  • Course structures provided and handouts to set up your courses

Come and have a great weekend, learning from a qualified, industry experienced tutor.

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Level 2 Dog Walking & Home Boarding Course – Accredited

If you are looking to change career and work as a Dog walker or boarder, this distance learning course is for you.

You will receive a course workbook, which includes literature and exercises to work through. You will also be required to conduct some independent research to supplement your written assignments which you will send in for assessment. Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Level 2 Dog Walking and Home Boarding certificate.

The assignments are structured so they are relevant for setting up your own business so this course is very useful and beneficial on an individual level.

If you would like a brochure with full course details and terms and conditions then get in touch and it will be emailed to you (course is only available in UK).

The cost of this course is £159.

Course content:

  • Communication with Dogs, including a study of Body Language
  • Dog Breeds and Groups
  • Basic Dog First Aid
  • Dogs and the Law
  • Health and Safety
  • Basic Dog Behaviour
  • Managing the Dog Walk
  • Home Boarding
  • Setting up your Business
  • Marketing & Managing your Business
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When workshops are available they will be listed on the booking page.  Please read your booking confirmation to see if there is anything you need to bring.  All dogs attending must be well socialised and friendly to others and those attending Level 3 must be able to settle around others.

Pulling on the Lead

Introducing different techniques to help train your dog to walk nicely when on the lead.  Advice included on different training aids including headcollars, harnesses and the different types of leads available.  If your dog is pulling for specific reasons, i.e. to get to other dogs then there may be other training options which will be more beneficial.

Level 3 Workshops

For those dogs who have completed the Basic Training Programme you can book workshops as a regular obedience refresher for your dog and to have a go at some new exercises.  Includes some basic obedience training and activities such as retrieve, jumps, weaves and tunnel. Scent exercise and directional queues.


Available for owners (no dogs attending).  A great session for puppy owners, adolescent and adult dogs. The workshop will start with a short introduction on communicating and how your own behaviour affects theirs. Followed by a Q & A session for individual questions.  This workshop cannot replace a full behaviour consultation in some cases.

Please note, if bookings for a particular workshop are low it may not be possible to run. Please enquire if you are unsure of suitability.

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Courses can be booked online and payment will be required when booking your place. Private Training needs to be booked via phone/email and you can pay for your service in advance by bank transfer or in cash on the day.

If you are planning a holiday or suspect your dog will come into season during a course, you are advised to wait for the next course. If your dog is unwell or in season, they are unable to attend – once booked a course place is your own so once a course has started, unfortunately we cannot refund for weeks you are unable to attend.

Dogs with behaviour problems such as aggression/ barking at other dogs are not able to attend a training course in the first instance. Adult Dogs new to training courses must be well socialised. An assessment can be arranged if required.

All courses have limited places available and you are not guaranteed a place on any course unless it is booked and paid for.

Our courses are comprehensive which makes them unsuitable for very young children, however older children usually enjoy the opportunity to get involved with training their puppy/dog.

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